About the company

We believe in the power of entertainment and raise people’s consciousness thorough sharing of our knowledge and passion. Our mission statement is “Raise vibration while you are having fun!!” 


I was born and raised in Japan where people believe in harmony with nature and all living creatures. Growing up, I walked daily in the emperor’s palace garden in Kyoto with my grandmother which helped form my dream and passion. Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to create something to make people happy and entertain!

As an adult, I continued to follow my passion and made a movie or two… with zero interested in spirituality. But fate intervened when a good friend of mine asked me to do a manifestation program (awakening program by Dr. Joe Vitale) with him and this program actually lead me to my awakening. After my awakening, I realized that I had experienced a lot of negative programming (Childhood trauma, death of my father, feeling unworthy) while I started to go through my own twin flame journey. So I started to do tons of self-healing work. But it was too slow for me and I felt super frustrated. So I took  powerful quantum modalities to solve my issues and became a facilitator, created an original love transformation method and transformed myself. I also became a ministor of Universal Life Church. Now that we have our polite introductons and formalities out of the way, I help you to end pain and being stuck in a stagnant romantic relationship, get out of repeating the cycle. You will find peace, joy, love and confidence in yourself and in the relationship. 


Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

Garcia Innergetics Practitioner

NLP/BQH Certifieied Practitoner

Quantum Love Rapid Transformation (TM) Creator. 




Believe In Yourself!